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Welcome to the website of Eos, a Colin Archer-type Risør skøyte, built by K. Christensen & Co in Moen, Norway, in 1932. Eos was restored by her present owners in the Netherlands and relaunched in 2000.

After some ten years of restoration and another fifteen years of living and cruising on Eos, we have come to the stage where we are ready for a different kind of cruising in another type of boat. The captain is of nearly the same age as the boat, and where Eos is still strong enough for many active years, the captain's back prefers retirement. So we are looking for a new owner to continue Eos' travels and let her be admired where ever she goes.

Eos used to be a fishing boat and although converted to pleasure craft, the restoration is done in the traditional way. The cabin tops, deck, rudder, mast, spars, rigging, sails, ballast, keelson, steel shoe under the keel, and the whole interior are newly made from 1989 onwards. Several planks and frames have been replaced then and also recently. These past fifteen years she has been used for cruising and  living on board. The separate aft cabin makes her also suitable for chartering.


The boat is registered in the Netherlands, in the royal Dutch registry for seagoing ships.
There is a “BTW-verklaring” (VAT-paid proof).

In the Netherlands Eos had status of “Varend Monument”® (Sailing Monument).


Eos is currently based on the South coast of Portugal, near Faro airport.



Price € 68,000. Part exchange for a smaller boat will be considered.


Before....                                                                 ....and after


"Beautiful boat, lot of work.” We have heard it many times.

Yes, Eos is an old wooden boat and needs some attention from time to time. There will always be a little leak and next year it might be a serious leak, but it is wood and can easily be repaired/replaced. Eos is not a yacht-yard-finished boat and several things have been in use for several years; however, being in regular use, she is also in regular maintenance. The to-do list is never-ending, but we don't regard boat “jobs” as “work”. All these years we have enjoyed to undertake most of the various challenges of upkeeping a Sailing Monument ourselves. And despite the often added “lot of work” it is always a pleasure to be complimented on our beautiful boat.

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Updated: 2018-01-15