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K. Christensen & Co Moens Båtbyggeri in Risør, Norway,

the yard where Eos was built in 1932

Jeppe Jul Nielsen, a Norwegian who knows all about Colin Archers and other wooden traditional boats and who has advised us on Eos' sails and rigging

Wooden boat festival in Risør, Norway, where Eos took part in 2006

Classic boat show in The Netherlands, where Eos took part in 2006

Foundation for traditional “kotters” in The Netherlands,

of which Eos is a member

M. de Groot, in Stavoren, The Netherlands, the supplier of Eos' handspliced and served rigging

United Baltic Sails, in Medemblik, The Netherlands, the sailmaker for Eos' sails and

The sites through which we easily ordered new parts for our Lister Blackstone engine from 1963

Ventis, boat carpenters in Enkhuizen, The Netherlands, for when you want some quality woodwork done, like the refit of famous Carrina, a newly built replica of Impala and many more

European association for traditional ships in operation

Norwegian maritime museum, from where we got a lot of information about Risør skøytes, pilot boats etc.